Price Match

Found a better price? We'll beat it!

Why pay more?

We all know that most industries are facing severe inflation. With your customers becoming more sensitive to price, you need a supplier who is transparent with their pricing. Has your current supplier let you down and raised prices without warning? You can guarantee at Biowarehouse we will price match the most competitive prices on the market.

We guarantee that every product sold on our website will be at least £1.00 cheaper than your existing supplier. If we fail to do so, we will refund the difference plus £1.00.

How do we price match?

We are directly cooperating with global manufacturers to purchase multiple container sizes of stock to gain better offers. We use our own fleets to deliver orders around a 100-mile radius of West midlands cutting down the cost of logistics. We keep our profit thin to drive our business growth.

How to a get refund if you find somewhere cheaper?

It’s simple! Just fill in the form below, we will sort out the rest. We may contact you if some information is unclear. Please read the Terms & Conditions apply before you start.

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Term & Conditions

  1. We will comparison the total amount included delivery you spend on your order purchased with us and the same products you find cheaper with another platform. We will refund the different if you paid amount to us greater than purchase same products from different platform. Plus 1.00 for each items included with your single order.  
  2. Please contact us within 7 days from the day you have paid your invoice. After 7 days you will automatically disqualify.  
  3. The maximum refund amount for this promotion is £100 each order, any excess will not be counted. 
  4. Each customer can participate once within 7 days, 
  5. We can terminate your eligibility if we suspect that you are related with the seller you comparison. 
  6. We reserve the right to terminate this campaign at any time.