Paper Cups & Lids

Our range of paper cups and lids is designed for all takeaway hot beverages and ideal for all hospitality applications. Available in bulk quantities with fast, efficient delivery

If your business uses paper cups, be them for coffee, tea, smoothies, or anything else, we are sure that our high-quality range of eco-friendly paper cups and lids will be suitable for your needs. We not only deliver high-quality products, but we also offer a competitive price to lower your procurement costs to help your business grow. At Biowarehouse, we care about the environment as much as we care about our clients, so all our products are eco-friendly and/or plastic-free and will be happy to send you samples so you can try our products before making a big purchase. Our eco-friendly packaging and paper products are great for takeaway, street food, supermarkets, and more! Discover our range of paper cups now and let’s work together to keep the world greener!

Discover Our Range of Eco-Friendly Paper Cups & Lids