Cutlery & Sauce Cups

Eco-friendly bio and wooden cutlery and sauce cups from Biowarehouse, ideal for all hospitality applications. Available in bulk quantities with fast, efficient delivery.

In any industry that supplies food, cutlery is an additional essential for your customers, particularly with hot foods! With food often comes a sauce on the side; Biowarehouse can provide you with the sauce cups for this too! Cutlery options are either wooden or biodegradable, offering high quality but 100% recyclable too. Our options give your options as a business to find the best-suited product for you. At Biowarehouse, we take pride in the environment and our clients, doing our best to work towards offering eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging with ethical sources. We offer our clients competitive pricing, a price match with other UK suppliers and the option for custom printed packaging to bring more to your brand awareness and user experience.

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